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Vis Construction & Engineering Pte Ltd has committed machine-driven teams that can grab any type of exhaust fan or temperament air fan issues and can be fixed it fast on a substitute basis or planned service. In the exhaust fan installation service field more than ten years, really we are a system making unit with 70% exhaust fan system have installed and effective successfully all restaurants, Hotels, Canteens and all over the areas of Singapore. We are having wide range of apparatus contains Exhausts Systems for restaurants, Productions, Engineering Ducting, Fresh Air Structures, AC & Ventilation Ducting. We are ready to serve for most of the customers’ requirements and we are happy to design any type of design for your specific necessities. We are well-known to provide industrial ventilation ducting. Air conditioning ducting, for our value clients. Offered high quality product is made up from using quality raw materials. Our provided services are most appreciated and nec

Important Tips and Tricks for Install Kitchen Exhaust Fan

  It would be better to follow these dos and don'ts things of want to exist in your Kitchen exhaust fan installation . If you are willing to cook, you must install exhaust fan in your kitchen. When you are cooking in your oven or on top of stove, smoke,   oil grease will come out and present in the air, so if you install exhaust fan, range hood, hood fan that will remove the unwanted smokes and other things. Before we install best exhaust fan for kitchen, you must know the two different types of kitchen exhaust fans and its benefits. Ducted type Kitchen Exhaust Fan: A ducted kitchen exhaust fan pulls unwanted air from the kitchen through a duct type and discharges it outdoor. As this type of exhaust fan entails ductwork and piping running from your kitchen to the outside of your home and there has a limited location options. Later they release the caught air outside as opposed to just reusing or cleaning it, ducted exhaust fans eliminate humidity caused by stickiness and steam

Important Self Air conditioning tips and tricks -

Though Your Air conditioner may be covered in whole house or room, don’t make it tougher than it had better. We provide some important tips to AC running nice, so by using techniques you can get right cooling and stay long. Understand how your AC works: There are two basic parts in Central AC: An outdoor unit that contain compressor or condenser that sits outside to your home and an indoor unit that’s situated in a central duct near your incinerator. If you have a heat pump instead of a boiler, the indoor unit inside in the air handler. Use the same preservation steps we show here. Whether your furnace looks different from the one publicized or you have a heat pump, use the owners manual to find your way around it. The basic parts will be the same. Check out our one by one process for deep cleaning the house air conditioner. Fins should be crushed or bent and realign with correct pressuring from dinner knife. We don’t insert anything on knife more than half inch. Learn more if an

How to Troubleshoot and Fix Central Air Conditioner Ourselves

Usually, Air conditioner issues happen everywhere and will be good if we find it out and give right solutions in ourselves. Our professionals show you easy DIY explanations for the most common central air conditioning repairs.  You will be up and running faster and will excluding the expense of a service call. There are major common Air conditioning problems and some possible solutions here, Air conditioner isn’t turning on Air conditioner is not blowing cold air Air conditioner freezing up outside unit AC refrigerant leakage Air conditioner making noises Electric control failure Air conditioner leaking water outside Drainage problem Sensor problem. We provide the following DIY AC troubleshooting guidelines that next time you have an AC issues: Check your dirty air filter regularly Routinely check your thermostat settings Check air conditioner circuit breakers See your outdoor unit Check all Air Vents Here, we are showing you that what we have to do specially for the normal AC prob

Kitchen Ventilator Fan Repair in Singapore

Want to Exhaust fan installation in your home kitchen? We offers Kitchen Ventilator and Extractor Fan installation services in Singapore. visconeng is very specialized in kitchen ventilator fan repair service in singapore.we are also provide different types of electrical services like ac repair,kitchen exhaust fan repair.For more details visit our website page or Dial +65 90882194 or +65 63647825.

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  Visconeng is one of the best company in singapore.we are focus all type of Electrical Repair and Installation service like AC,Kitchen Exhaust fan repair and new installation. website click here